Tacky, WaWa and Lola

Emily and Small will go to Japan to have their snow white wedding ceremony tomorrow, Michael and me is now taking care of their three lovely babies. To get three of them look at the camera at the same time and take a picture, I have to keep saying and saying their names! This should be the most successful one!


Travel Pack

The travel I prepare for Michael everytime when he go to business trip, contains everything little things he'll need in the trip.


Comfort Food

Have been wait for a week for Michael's back, but he've got a bad cold once came back home.
The only thing I can do beside keep giving him water and pills is to prepare a home-made comfort food - scallop porridge, hope can give him some energy to fightback the cold virus!


Escape from the Office

Sometime, just want to escape from the office, buy an air-ticket and leave Hong Kong...



Sometime, our home is like a pound, for pets from all of our friends.
We love to help our friends to takecare their pets when they're out of town. This cat is "Siu Lung" from one of our friend, Kelvin.

We're now expecting three little doggies from Emily who will having her wedding ceremony in Japan at the end of this month. At that time, we will have three dogs and one rabbit at our home, this is so sweet!
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