Victoria Harbour

Michael captured a stunning view of sunset at Victoria Harbour, this is one of my favorite view of Hong Kong.


Dinner at Morihachi Yakiniku

After a whole day travel from Central to Kowloon (by our favourite Star Ferry), wait for over half an hour for buying the movie tickets and lots of shopping at Harbour City, we had dinner at "Morihachi Yakiniku",  a popular Japanese style BBQ restaurant at Tsim Sha Tsui.

We're so lucky to get the last table without reservation at 7:30pm, since for peoples who did not reserve the table in advance, they probably need to wait till 9:30pm to get the table! Yeah! This is a perfect end of Michael's 2-days holiday and I'm still got 2 more holidays to go!


Chinese Style Dinner

It's still cold tonight, around 10 degree. It's better stay at home and enjoy a Chinese style dinner.
We had steamed rice which made by my red Le Creuset pot and some vegetables. Thanks mom for teaching me how to made this traditional steamed rice, it's delicious!


Happy Holidays!

I'm still missing our dinner on the Christmas night!
Mic and me are so lucky, when most of peoples will resume to work tomorrow, we will enjoy a few more days off... um... so many place wanna go, so many food wanna try!


Sweet Christmas Night

We invited Fox and Amanda for house warming at Christmas night, they gave us a Haagen-Dazs chocolate fondue set as a Christmas gift, so nice. We enjoyed chocolate fondue with "ice-cream balls" and banana right after the dinner. Love it, it was a sweet, happy and peaceful Christmas night!


Sick... & Bird of Paradise

Left this blog for few days, feel guilty.
Was not feeling well, has been rest in bed over the weekend...
Fresh air is good for me, so Michael took me to Hyatt hotel for an afternoon tea. It's actually very nearby our home, just 10 mins to get there by taxi.

I found this lovely "bird of paradise" when have a walk around the hotel in the evening... Love it.


Christmas Gift

An early Christmas gift to Michael's little nephew, Dustin. Though I still not able to meet baby Dustin since he was born, I hope this Winter or Spring, I can hold him in my arms...


Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming, in Hong Kong, we can find beautiful Christmas decoration since early Nov. It's not only a welcoming spot for taking photos, also increase the festive atmosphere, more importantly, shopping mall would like to boost its sales during Christmas time!

Have you shop for the Christmas gift for your beloved one?


Dinning Out on Sunday Night

It's Sunday again. Though it's Sunday, Michael still need to work at home, he started his work from 10am till 7pm, poor guy! We decided to get some fresh air outside, so we went out for dinner. It's our first time to visit "Mi-Ne Sushi", though we have been wait over half an hour to get the table, we still think it's worthwhile!

It's time to take a shower then continue to watch "Lie to me", our favorite US TV program, can't stop watching it since we started season one!!


Want Something HAPPY?

Do you want something happy? It's not so difficult, it's a matter of  how you appreciate your life and experience. We've got this "Something Happy" incense from a Japanese furniture and sundries shop, Francfranc.

Everytime we light it up, life is full of happiness.


Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. The Victoria Harbour is world-famous for its stunning panoramic night view and skyline, particularly in the direction towards Hong Kong Island where the skyline of skyscrapers is superimposed over the ridges behind.

More about Victoria Harbour.


About Eating Again!

This is one of our favorite place for having a relaxing dinner or just a cup of coffee in Central. We love to watch the chefs working hard for cooking in this open kitchen, they're so professional. I specially love their baguette, crispy, crunchy and slightly chewy, I like to have it with lots of butter, yum!



Michael found "crazymichael" at CRAZY X'MAS exhibition at Time Square!


Spoil Ourselves...

After a week of hard work, it's time to spoil ourselves with a piece of soft and rich chocolate sponge cake from Paul Lafayet! I have to admit that I'm a sweet tooth, never able to resist such beautiful and delicious dessert. My next target is Creme Brulee and all of their tarts! Beside this French shop, I wish we can try another famous local cake shop "Patisserie Tong Wong". How can I resist his rose chocolate cake? :P


Love Green

It's nice to have something green at office, it can refresh your eyes and mind when you feel tired for work.
This is the view out of the window at Michael's office, face to the racecourse at Happy Valley. I wish I can have such view at my office too!


Sushi Express

We usually don't have enough time (or energy) to prepare dinner in weekdays, so Michael sometime buy sushi take away from the shop nearby his office after work, isn't it amazing that we can finish 10 Temaki (hand rolls) and 10 Nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi)? Cos they're really yummy! I specially like Temaki with deep fried soft shell crab, oyster and urchin.


Theme Day - Time

First day of the month = theme day, today's theme is "Time".
We bought this clock three years ago, we put it in the middle of our cabinet in the living room. Though it cannot provide us time accurately (usually half an hour slower than the real time!), we're not going to dump it, I think it looks cool with books in black color and our treasures!

See the rest of the community theme day.
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